Beating Procrastination Once and For All – 7 No Fail Steps to Creating Your Game Plan For Success

You have an extremely good concept, a plan, a goal, a passion you want to percentage and you are going to be a celeb when you are completed! Your are off to the races starting…Day after today.

I recognise the story well. I am a recuperating Procrastinator. Once I discovered that procrastination become definitely a manifestation of FEAR I have been able to beat procrastination and create a Game Plan for Success. Guess what? You can do it too!

F.E.A.R. Used as an acronym for “False Expectations Appearing Real” is the root of procrastination. What does that mean to you and me as procrastinators? It means that every one the justifications that we tell ourselves and others for why we’ve got now not started or have no longer finished the venture at hand is based totally on a fake expectation that winning the game of procrastination , in our minds, appears real. For example, disguising procrastination as perfection. This is one that I actually have personally used regularly.

“I simply want it to be ideal.” I actually have even used that unique FEAR primarily based excuse for not hitting submit in Ezine Articles!

As you can see, since you are analyzing this text today, I have found out to beat procrastination and feature a Game Plan for Success. I want that for you too!

Here are the 7 No Fail Steps to Beating Procrastination in order to offer you with the gear you want to get exceeded your FEAR:

Step One – Get a White Board. A white board is a dry erase board that you can select up at any workplace deliver keep or bargain shop. It does not have to be massive, costly or fancy. Just something with a view to hang up and write on. Don’t overlook to get some markers (there are unique ones) to use to put in writing on your white board. Make sure you positioned your white board in a place this is clearly visible to you as a reminder of the assignment handy and a tool to manual you to of completion.

Step Two – Write down your intention, the venture, the idea, the plan some thing it’s miles proper in the middle of the white board and placed a massive circle around it.

Step Three – Using mind mapping techniques, ruin down the task at hand down into small viable tasks. The key right here to make each assignment plausible no longer a mission this is so big and so hard you can construct a FEAR around it and feature an excuse now not to finish the challenge at all.

Step Four – Put a closing date on each mission beginning with the biggest, maximum hard venture to be finished first each day. Prioritize the obligations consequently. This is a big one. Determine an doable time limits, write them down and go to Step Five.

Step Five – Get an responsibility associate and declare your dreams publicly. I recognize this appears genuinely horrifying however it really works. As a recovering procrastinator, I recognize that we frequently misinform ourselves and have a tendency to consider the ones False Expectations that Appear Real. Having accountability to someone else genuinely makes a massive distinction in getting passed that FEAR to accomplishment.

Step Six – Start every morning understanding what’s for your list of tasks for the day. End each day crossing off the tasks finished and writing the responsibilities down for the following day. The night evaluation is a should. Part of that evening overview wishes to consist of some self reward. Do a happy dance for the tasks you completed! No issues approximately those which you did no longer complete. You’ll discover ways to cope with them later. For now, simply move them to the top of the next days list.

Step Seven – TAKE ACTION DAILY. If you experience a FEAR starting to get for your manner, go back to Steps Three and Four. Break the Daily responsibilities down to smaller or extra viable responsibilities then make sure to report in along with your responsibility associate. You will beat procrastination and complete whatever it’s miles you’ve got set your mind on doing.

Follow those 7 No Fail Steps to Beating Procrastination until the mission is complete. You can be surprised at how excellent self pride feels when you could see the goal carried out, the venture finished, the concept or plan has become a fact and success is now yours.

Do you need to have that feeling of self pride and success you get from beating procrastination and getting surpassed FEAR that only comes from final touch of a task?